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NOTE: Depending on your playing style, the game may take a long time to display.
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How to Play


This is an even betting martingale system.

You will select a combination of even bets that you think will not come up.
The first part of your combination will be matched to the winning combination.
You will then play the OPPOSITE of your remaining combination. 

You start by selecting up to 10 even bets.

Then select how many you want to match up before playing 
the OPPOSITE of your remaining combination.

[H] - High
[O] - Odd
[B] - Black
[L] - Low
[E] - Even
[R] - Red

Example Spin:
[24] 36 Red [R] 

24 - spin number
36 Red - number that came up.
[R] is the what you selected.

Good Luck !