One Number Stackup

* NOTE: Depending on what you select, the results may take 1-4 minutes to display in the popup.

Pick a roulette Number.
Click here if you want to play the last number to come up instead of picking a number.
$ Profit Target.

BOX 1: Click to select
BOX 2: Your selection

Total spins.
$ Minimum bankroll needed.
$ Enter your bankroll.

System Submitted By: Wes
Email: peopleonly@hotmail.com

How to Play


You will play one number on the roulette table.

The bet amounts and times you will bet each amount are up to you. 

The bankroll is determined by what you select in Box 1.

After you picked a roulette number and a profit target, click in box 1.

You can choose to play a bet in Box 2 by clicking on an option in Box 1, or
you can go to the next bet by clicking on the 'Show Next Bet' button.

When you are done, Box 2 will contain a list of bets and how many times
you have to bet each amount.

Click the play button. 

If you find a good pattern, then click the print button and you can print out your pattern.

Play continues until your profit is reached or your bankroll is gone.