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System Submitted By: Matthew Gurr
Email: mathewg@ozemail.com.au

How to Play

This system can be used for any even money game.  
In any 4 consecutive decisions there are only 16 possible Patterns. 
For example, in roulette (R = Red -- B = Black) 

01. B R R R
02. B B R R
03. B B B R
04. B R B R
05. B R R B
06. B R B B
07. B B R B
08. B B B B
09. R B B B
10. R R B B
11. R R R B
12. R B R B
13. R B B R
14. R B R R
15. R R B R
16. R R R R

What you are going to do, is bet on one Pattern until you win. 
Doubling your money after a loss, only 4 times. 

Using this small betting progression, 1- 2 - 4 - 8. 

Irrelevant of the last decision, you will play the Patterns in this order: 

When you win, move on to the next pattern, if you loose, stop and start again.  

Each session will consist of 16 Patterns only. 

If you win the 16 Patterns in a row, you are ahead 16 units. 

If you lose at any time, stop. (This program keeps going to show you what would happen)
Depending on what game you are up to you could lose anything from 15 units or only 1 unit, 
depending how many patterns you have completed.