Dozen Progression

$ Starting bet on one dozen?
$ Max your willing to bet in one spin?
$ What is the minimum you want to win per progression?
$ Overall profit target?
$ Bankroll?
$ How many spins do you want to count dozens?

- Check here and to use your own roulette winning numbers.
Enter your numbers in the text box below.
Seperate your numbers by a comma, space, or enter.

* Random numbers go through a double array to simulate the order of the wheel.

System Submitted By: Rambus
Email: success9@earthlink.net


How to Play

Watch the wheel and keep count of how many times each dozen has come up.
If a zero hits, then restart your count.
At the end of the count, you will bet on the lowest dozen.
If a dozen ties for lowest, either keep going or pick a dozen.
"The program will pick a dozen in the even of a tie."

Play the progression until you win.
Once you win, count the dozens again repeating the process again.

Repeat this process until you have your desired profit.

There is also an easy cheat sheet you can print out.