Sequence Method

$ Initial Bet
$ Bank Roll
$ Profit Target
$ Table Limit
$ Max Games
Sequence Length
Match Length
- Check here and to use your own roulette winning numbers.
Enter your numbers in the text box below.
Seperate your numbers by a comma, space, or enter.

NOTE: Depending on your playing style, the game may take a long time to display.
If this happens, then you may want to lower the Max Games.

How to Play


This system is a Martingale System.

Start by tracking numbers,
find a sequence and hope the sequence after that does not match.

For Example:

Seq 1: R R R R B R B

There are 7 spins, this is your Sequence Length.

Play Continues:

Seq 2: R R R . . . .

The 1st three on Seq 1 matches the 1st three on Seq 2.
This is your Match Length

Your betting that Seq 2 will not match Seq 1.

So you bet opposite of Seq 1 for the remaining spins for Seq 2.
B R B R and double your bet on a loss.

If you lose all your bets, then start over.

If a green appears, the program will play RED.