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$ Bank Roll
$ Profit Target Round 1
$ Max bet on red?
$ Overall Profit Target
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When playing Round 2, you may be asked several times to pick some straight numbers for betting.
This is because the program runs all the way before it shows you the results.

How to Play


This is the pryamid system, crossed with a straight number bet.

Round 1:

Wager one unit (your initial bet), on an even bet:
  Rules for changing your bet,

  If you can not decrease your bet and still make a profit if it wins, then increase your bet by one unit.
  If you can decrease your bet, then decrease it as far as you can and still be able to win.

When you reach your profit target for Round 1, then Round 2 starts.

Round 2:

 Round 2 is just to waste up your profit to see if you can hit big.
 In Round 2, you will be making straight number bets using 1 unit (your starting bet).  
 You can pick as many numbers as you want, if you lose your Round 1 profit, then you will go back to Round 1.